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14 Dec 2011

Pre-Raphaelite paintings in movies.

It's been nearly a month since I've posted but I'm very busy with uni etc. I don't want to bore you with that stuff. BUT, I've come across a movie today (thanks to uni classes by the way) that shocked me in a good way. I know there's been several other people posting on PR paintings in movies and on the influence of their aesthetics in movies' dresses but I never read anything on this movie before (maybe didn't serach properly).

Ok, it's a film based on a novel, Possession by Antonia Byatt, which we've been studying in Literature so far. Broadly, a post-modern novel about two researchers that eventually meet to investigate about a possible affair between other fictional (in the novel) characters, who were poets. The figures of this poets, Christabel LaMotte possibly lesbian or bisexual, and Randolph Henry Ash a faithful and respected poet, are actually loosely based on... Christina Rossetti and Robert Browning! That's just a tiny summary, if you want to read or watch, I leave it up to you, but I hardly recommend.

Then, there's that 'possible' Pre-raphaelite background... now... see how it's developed on screen:

Please excuse the poor quality and that clumsy arrows...Hm, I only know how to use paint... haha
That's Rossetti's 'Monna Vanna'.

 Rossetti's 'Helen of Troy'.

 Lizzie Siddal by Rossetti.

 Sandy's 'Mary Magdalene'.

And here, on the right, Waterhouse's 'Mermaid' and on the left Rossetti's 'Pia Tolomei'.

Well, those are just the few I could spot out. And... noticed how Pre-raphaelite looks that Christabel? In fact, she wears that hair slide or barrette Rossetti featured in lots of paintings, I mean this one: 

Yep, not really noticeable, me, it's the one.

The dresses she wears are...awesome! Maybe they'll inspire me for the artistic dress I'm working on :) Best!


  1. Very nice. Love those Pre-Raphaelite sightings.

  2. I've seen your pics on Deviant Art so many times. Good job! :)

    1. Thank you a lot! I love yours, because you can be both historical and modern and I love the gothic style you use sometimes ^^