Making Dante's Dream come true.

21 Feb 2013

Renaissance at last!

Hey guys! Our dear photographer Roberto posted his pics last week and The Seamstress of Rohan and I also went to our little special spot in the woods to take some more pics by ourselves before I moved to the UK. I'm leaving you some pics here but you know they're uploaded in my galleries as usual.

Yes, I wanted to be Lucrezia Borgia so bad! Notice the drinking cup...maybe poisoned?

This one is by Iris Wenskowski, Roberto's assistant, who is also learning from him.

Here you can see a bit more in detail the sleeves and everything. I'm very happy with this dress, more than I normally am! So yay, learning how to sew better stuff ^^

In other news, I'm great here in northern England. My flatmates are the loveliest and uni is awesome. I'm very busy with the literature subjects but I think I'll manage. Just ordered some fabrics here to take with me to Mallorca during the Spring break so I can sew a bit there. When I'm back, I'm taking the dresses I couldn't bring (because of the weight restrictions) the first time I came. So yay, everything is fine, but I won't be posting about sewing in a while!

5 Feb 2013

Quick update.

Hi there! I'm still on my finals and I have like zero time to post quality stuff. The Victorian tartan blue dress is finished but I haven't had a moment to take some pics though. Some coming soon, and a bit on the problems I had while making it.

New things: I'm working in a very simple Italian Renaissance dress. It will be all in golden fabric except for the  sleeves that will be also in brocade but dark red. Here it is, the thing is only pinned:

Yeah, sorry for the dreadful pic but it's better than the mobile phone. The sleeves will be very puffed at the shoulders and then more tight in the forearm part. They will be laced with ribbon to show a muslin chemise underneath. I started a golden trim with pearls all along the opened part of the sleeves, done by hand so...just started, it still needs finishing. As you can see it has a front opening that will also be laced with red ribbon as the sleeves. But overall, it will be pretty simple as I must finish it before I move to the UK (it will be my last photo shoot here in Mallorca before I return in summer).

I have wonderful jewellery to go with this that my boyfriend got me, and I'm also working in a beaded hair net. Very excited to finish the dress! I got really inspired thanks to the costumes in The Borgias and I'm uncontrollably excited for the next season premièring in two months. I hope I can get some props easily connected to this family :D

I also have the most beautiful picture from our Victorian Fairytale shoot, but I can't post it since it's part of a contest and it cannot be published! I'll tell you more about that in due time. It's my birthday today too :D and I'm very eager to take things easily and positively to start my new 21 year old life in peace and happiness. Yay, regards!