Making Dante's Dream come true.

30 Jun 2012

Regency meeting at a Majorcan manor.

So some girls from where I live and me decided to have a Regency day in a Majorcan manor. We are all part of a reenactment group from Spain and being us the ones from our island we just went for organizing our first meeting. Patrick Yoborg offered his camera and photography skills to take all the wonderful pics you see here and, as  usual, you can also find some of them in my DeviantArt gallery and in The Seamstress of Rohan Flickr gallery.

As always it was lots of fun to spend a nice day with lovely people who share interests with you etc. Also, we got very excited and started to plan other meetings and sharing ideas. It was hot as hell, though, and at least the Regency style is one of the least body-oppressing ones and somehow more "fresh" to wear. I'd like to share with you some pics to show you our dresses and a bit of what we did.

Look at a professional seamstress! She makes perfect dresses, as you can see here ;)

The five of us chilling out in the garden.

She looks like Elizabeth Bennet!
As far as I know, this dress is made out of natural dyed linen. The colour came out spectacularly intense!

Mine is made out of a cotton bed sheet, haha (yes, again! but the flowers were too cute).

And two more group pics.

We're organizing some events for this summer, so I'll have a lot of sewing work to do :)

25 Jun 2012

What would've happened if Klimt and the Pre-Raphaelites would've met?

Today I'm here to bring you the astonishingly beautiful art of DeviantArt user KanchanCollage. As you can see she makes awesome works using images from paintings, among these,  mainly late Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

 Here she used The Little Foot Page by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale (1905).

And here you can see Boreas by John William Waterhouse (1903).

In this collage you can spot Frank Cadogan Cowper's La Belle Dame Sans Merci (1926) and William Morris' Wey design (1878).

She also uses other classical Renaissance and Modernist images, which make wonderful combinations. I'm incredibly amazed by her work and encourage you to visit her gallery. 

19 Jun 2012

18th century inspirations.

Just sharing with you some 18th century pieces of clothing from the Costume Museum in Barcelona. They're incredibly gorgeous and hope they inspire you or arise your interest in this period. I visited the museum like a year ago and by that time my camera wasn't as good as the one I have now, so my apologies for the bad quality and the reflected images in the pics!

First some stays!

Look at the neckline!

5 Jun 2012

Change your fate!

I said I wouldn't be updating this so much as I'm on my finals... but meh, procrastinator is my second name... Well then, as last Sunday's weather was a wee bit rainy and colder I decided to go and shoot the Merida pics because the outfit consists of two dresses (an underdress and the proper dress) so I thought I'd die because of the hot here that had already started during mid-May... let alone if I left the shoot for late June. So here we go!

I know I'm not holding the bow correctly, but this is just to let you see it! I think the bow type is a long recurve bow, but I'm not sure as I'm just a beginner in this topic :) This particular bow was chosen because it's traditionally made and the colours were similar to the ones in the film! As for the quiver, there's a post on it so I'm not repeating the same info ;)

As we (my boyfriend and me) were wandering through the forest we discovered some weird towers. Why were they weird? They had some kind of staircase that went below the ground, and it was super dark inside. He ventured into that sort of vault but he couldn't see anything! I'm intrigued about this towers but although I googled about it I couldn't find anything about them :(

As per usual there are more pics on DeviantArt and Flickr, and now I'm afraid it is true I'm not updating this until at least June 18 (the day I finish this uni term exams). However, I've ordered together with one of my seamstress friends more than 50 metres of fabrics to start lots of interesting projects this summer! Hope to "see" you soon!