Making Dante's Dream come true.

10 Jan 2012

New year, new session.

First of all, happy new year to everyone! I know I'm a little bit late but I couldn't post earlier. I went on a trip on January 2nd and I spent the day before preparing my luggage so I couldn't check anything for a week. It was relaxing, though. Well, lets focus now.

I've been interseted in recreating fictional characters from novels (for example, the Nerdanel session from Tolkien), but I wanted to do something historical this time, so I went for an Edwardian outfit which is one of the 'easiest' historical costumes you can sew along with Regency dresses. So when I organized my trip to Florence (Italy) I decided to become Lucy Honeychurch from 'A room with a view'.

As some of you may know, it is an Edwardian novel by E. M. Forster also set in an Edwardian timeframe, about British snob tourists who choose to follow a traveling guide so strictly they miss the popular beauty of the Tuscany. 

In my pics I tried to show Lucy wandering through this landscapes and also wanted to show a Florence landmark : the cathedral. So here we have the results, hope you enjoy!

As usual, you can find the full session on DeviantArt and Flickr. Of course the outfit is not perfect, I'm still learning. I wanted to make a corset, but I couldn't find any time to finish it. I also picked with me a great pamela which fitted perfectly with this style, but I couldn't carry it in my bag to this gardens, it would have been squashed. I lost the right sleeve button of the chemise etc. Nothing comes out like you want, but I don't complain, it was a great experience and I enjoyed a lot my first 'international session' hahaha.

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