Making Dante's Dream come true.

30 Jun 2012

Regency meeting at a Majorcan manor.

So some girls from where I live and me decided to have a Regency day in a Majorcan manor. We are all part of a reenactment group from Spain and being us the ones from our island we just went for organizing our first meeting. Patrick Yoborg offered his camera and photography skills to take all the wonderful pics you see here and, as  usual, you can also find some of them in my DeviantArt gallery and in The Seamstress of Rohan Flickr gallery.

As always it was lots of fun to spend a nice day with lovely people who share interests with you etc. Also, we got very excited and started to plan other meetings and sharing ideas. It was hot as hell, though, and at least the Regency style is one of the least body-oppressing ones and somehow more "fresh" to wear. I'd like to share with you some pics to show you our dresses and a bit of what we did.

Look at a professional seamstress! She makes perfect dresses, as you can see here ;)

The five of us chilling out in the garden.

She looks like Elizabeth Bennet!
As far as I know, this dress is made out of natural dyed linen. The colour came out spectacularly intense!

Mine is made out of a cotton bed sheet, haha (yes, again! but the flowers were too cute).

And two more group pics.

We're organizing some events for this summer, so I'll have a lot of sewing work to do :)


  1. Las fotos son preciosas. Tenéis unos lugares mágicos por allí. En especial, me gusta la de la cascada, es una estampa.

    1. Ya los podrás ver y comprobar su magia tú misma :P