Making Dante's Dream come true.

7 Nov 2011

November rain.

I'm so happy I have some followers! Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy reading the few things I post. I also can check in my stats that there's some people that visit this frequently, so please, if you have a blog, follow, and I'll be happy to follow you too.

I've had lots of University work lately and lots of unfinished projects: props, fabrics, costumes etc. I have a Catwoman costume I wanted to wear in Halloween but I was ill, so maybe I'll do a session soon. But that's not important now.

My improvements on the green-velvet-elvish-medieval-preraphaelite dress!

It's not finished obviously, but almost! Probably I'll finish it tomorrow. It's a dress style very recurrent in Pre-Raphaelite paintings as in Millais' 'Mariana':

And I've been working in another fantasy-style prop too, these are my Autumn Fairy Wings:

Yeah, I know it's an ugly picture but there's no more room in my house to store props, I have tones of boxes and those wings are fragile, I have to store them very carefully. What do you think? Good idea? I will make a dress for this! I'll be uploading pics soon! Thanks for reading, leave a comment if you wish.

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