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20 Oct 2011

Happy news!

Yaaaaay! I'm soooo happy. Well, now I'm working in a medieval-elvish green-velvet dress, but a part from that it has been some time since I wanted to do a real Lizzie Siddal 'cosplay'. And I want it to be historically acurate. Now I have in my hands the Lucinda Hawksley biography and the Desperate Romantics book. I know there won't be very much info about the Artistic Dress movement, but I have seen some clues just in the first chapters of Lizzie's biography.

I will have to do some research to make this dress, but it's quite fun. I'm lucky she probably didn't wear a crinoline (I'm not really sure but I can deduce that from Rossetti's portraits of her and taking into account the movement's tastes) because it's a difficult part of that kind of dresses. What it's sure it's that it will have baggy Garibaldi sleeves or so. I can see that style in Lizzie's depictions. I will just leave here an example of the exact dress I want:

Beautiful, isn't it? I will write about my medieval-elvish dress soon, and then I will start with this project. Regards!

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