Making Dante's Dream come true.

12 Feb 2012

Remember the muse.

As the majority of you may know (due to the quantity of posts written about this recently), yesterday, 11 February 2012, was the 150th anniversary of Elizabeth Siddal's death. I would like to join everyone posting on her with my own little contribution, as I take her name as my 'artistic alias' because she's been such an inspiration for me (and for many others) for years.

So, yesterday, cold and snowy in Highgate, a small group of people gathered to pay hommage to and listen to a talk on the girl who portrayed the famous Ophelia. It took place in a recently restored chapel, cozy and warm compared to the outside. Here you can see some shabby pics of the cute mini-exhibition of Lizzie's paintings (hers and others for which she modelled), it also featured some of her own poems:

The talk was extremely interesting, Lucinda Hawksley, the author of the last Lizzie biography transmited her enormous enthusiasm onto the public. It was great to see different people ( in age, sex, style etc.) there to remember a single woman. I have to admit I got really emotional! When the talk finished, some of those present brought up interesting points and Lucinda answered them kindly. After that, we could get our copies of the biography signed. I wanted to cogratulate her on her amazing work but I think I got a little bit nervous because English is not my mother tongue...and, well, you know. She was very nice though.

This is my signed bio and a Lizzie bookmark I bought there:

I always wanted to visit Lizzie's grave so this was an excellent opportunity. The guide at the West part of Highgate knew I was at the talk and brought us to see her. It's been such a wonderful experience for me... I have no words to describe it properly. So there she is:

To complete my own 'Lizzie weekend' I also went to see Ophelia by Millais again. Her face is so stunning, she has some kind of halo of tragedy and mistery around her. I could watch her forever.

Finally I will just say that it's been great that she had a proper event just for her, and a 150th anniversay just happens once! (pretty much like each one, but I mean it's an important number). These days in London have awaken in me the desire to keep on painting and reenacting Lizzie. I'll post soon on patterns and historical costume research (I have lots of new books by the way!) and I'll start my other projects (I've finished my first term of uni so now I have more time).

No going back now!

P.S. I think someone took a pic when Lucinda Hawksley signed my book but I don't know who it was. If someone knows or sees the pic online please tell me, I'd love to have it too.


  1. so happy that you went there and enjoyed that talk. You're a true Pre-Raphaelite fan, for sure ;)

  2. I'm so glad you got to go. The Sisterhood was with you in spirit! :-)

    1. Thank you! I read you on tumblr but I don't know how to 'reply to replies' xD ... I'm glad you can enjoy this at least via internet and that I can contribute in some way. Regards!