Making Dante's Dream come true.

20 Feb 2012


So we celebrated carnival here yesterday! I went to he city centre with two friends. We didnt't prepare anything seriously but funnily enough each of us wore a dress from a diffrent period in different colours, so we got to coordinate without knowing.

Here she's wearing a Tudor dress, she was 'cosplaying' Anne Boleyn.

Here she's wearing an American Civil War dress. We decided that she was 'cosplaying' Scarlett O'Hara.

And here there's me: I finally finished my Edwardian outfit. I 'cosplayed' Lucy Honeychurch.

As I don't know much about my firends' dresses I will only talk abou mine. I already wore this outfit when I was in Florence but it wasn't finished. Here I'm wearing as underwear a long chemise with a corset (corset  only made by me). I couldn't have the corset finished for Florence, but I finally did it this time. It contributes enormously to the body shape and now it's definitely much more Edwardian. I pinned a nice brooch on my shirt's collar. The skirt is a long skirt with the typical train, I chose to add some flounces. I particularly love the  complements, the mentioned brooch and this nice picture hat I found in a flea market. Also the parasol and the crochet gloves give the outfit a complete finish.

I'm currently working in a 1780s dress, I'll post about it soon.