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11 Mar 2012

Autumn fairy and 1780s progress.

At last! I had my autumn fairy wings finished since November or December but it got so cold I couldn't take the pics. Now that spring is finally coming I've taken them. I've used a sheer burgundy skirt and shirt and a cool pair of shoes I found at the sales that match quite nicely! As you know I did the wings myself and also I've done the leaf and branch crown. I've sewn some fake mushrooms on the skirt too, which I consider super cute. You can check the pics on Flickr or DeviantArt.

As for the 1780s dress, it is coming along very nicely. It is a robe à l'anglaise with visible petticoat. I used a bedsheet for the fabric because the floral pattern was very similar to the ones used in the period. This is an example from the KCI for you to compare:

And this is my bodice with the petticoat behind (sorry for the ugly pic):

And those are the American Duchess shoes I'm going to use, originally white I dyed them burgundy (this colour has become one of my faves lately):

Lovely, aren't they? I love these shoes, they have a Louis hill, which is both gorgeous and historically accurate. If you're looking for leather historical shoes just check the American Duchess web page. She's just released a new shoe model and she needs to sell an specific amount to keep on, so, have a look! :) Regarding my dress, it's nearly finished, I just need to sew the skirt and bodice together and add some details ( the sleeve lace and some other details on the skirt). So probably next week I'll have new pics. Regards!

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