Making Dante's Dream come true.

9 Aug 2012

Progress of the Elizabethan dress.

Order from chaos!

Yes, you've guessed it: The Seamstress of Rohan and I had a sewing day and it got pretty crazy. We're working on an Elizabethan dress, the red one is hers and the blue one is mine. So today I'm here to show you the progress.

The bodice ended up like this, and there's that trim to which I sewed some pearls, I love how it looks!

The petticoat with the brocade panel.

This is how it looks with the actual skirt on it.

None of the pieces are sewn yet, just cut the pieces and pleated (A LOT!). I still have to mark and cut the sleeves which are double and I need to think a bit about the space and fabric that remains. So excited about this project, you'll see what we've thought about doing in a few weeks or so I think!


  1. Ya lo tienes practicamente terminado! Qué envidia, yo también quiero uno :D sesión de fotos cuando lo estrenes, por favor ;)

    1. Me quedan un par de cosillas, a ver si adelanto esta semana! Tranquila, habrá fotos ehhehe