Making Dante's Dream come true.

27 Aug 2012

Quick update.

Not a lot of posting last week, but mind you, not because of idleness, just because I didn't have a proper internet connection where I was staying. But now I'm back to our home and I will tell you some new stuff about what I've been doing.

I've practically finished the Elizabethan gown, pics coming soon. We didn't take the sewing machine with us so I just did minor stuff by hand. Everything is prepared to be sewn during the next few days so, as said before, pics coming soon.

I also started a new project because I had the time; again, just things done by hand. I'm in love with the outfit Laure Richis (from Perfume) wears during the garden scene, so I decided to make an 18th century outfit inspired by the one in the film:

It's this light teal jacket with a cream skirt. These are the fabrics I'm using (both taffeta):

The lace is for the sleeves and the ribbons as a decoration.

And this is how the pocket hoops look with a petticoat made of the same fabric as the skirt you are seeing in the pic. I still have to rearrange the pleats, it's not sewn yet! But I'm very happy with the result so far.


  1. Vas a quedar igual que la chica de la peli, el pelo ni hace falta modificarlo :P

    Por cierto, la jaula la has hecho tú? Con varillas de plástico o metálicas?

    1. Jaja, ojalá!
      La jaula es de Miss Elisabeth, pero sí que la ha hecho ella y por lo que se ve las varillas son de plástico. Para cualquier otra cosa mejor le dices a ella, que amablemente me las ha dejado para no tener que hacerme unas que no me da tiempo.