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3 Sep 2012

Elizabethan dress pics.

So well, the idea for this shots originally came from The Seamstress of Rohan who thought it'd be cool to make some Shakespeare related stuff that allowed historical clothes from the Elizabethan period and water. So you know we started the dresses together and that, but she couldn't come with me today and I just went with my boyfriend to have a go with the dress and try not to drown.

We wanted to take pics underwater, showing the shipwreck in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night or What You Will because my boyfriend has a good underwater digital camera, but we'll leave that for next time when we can go together. So today I just went and took some Viola pics, as if she was left on the shore's rocks by the tide and then woke up.

I was so excited about "going swimming" with the dress that I totally forgot to take some pics of the actual dry dress. *Ophelia feels* But this is the best I can show you. The skirt is sewn, the decorations are in the right place. I just need to finish the hem and sew the sleeves at the wrists. The sleeves dropped a lot because of the water's weight in the fabrics. But more or less, with its flaws, it's finished.

The skirt did actually pop out a lot, with the bum roll and that, it was very beautiful although it looks withered and wet here haha. I'll take more detailed pics next time, dry and wet, outside and underwater etc. As always, the rest of the pics are in my DeviantArt an Flickr galleries (the ones there are "more artistic" :P).

Then moving on to the 18th century project, the skirt and petticoat are practically finished and just need to start with the jacket. I'd love to receive my American Duchess shoes and stockings in time to wear them with this outfit *__* I'll keep you on track.


  1. So beautiful. Like northernlights.

  2. This is a test more than anything to see if I can post comments on Blogspot! If it works, I'm not entirely sure what I've signed up for to make it happen! lol.

    The 2 photos above which aren't on Flickr are as delightful and atmospheric as the rest of the photos. I meant to ask - was anyone else around when you did this apart from your boyfriend? If there were any onlookers, they must have been transfixed! lol

    Just to change the subject for a minute (to see if weblinks can be posted), I'm sure you must be aware of the Mediaeval Baebes - if so, do you like them? If you haven't heard of them, where have you been?! :D Here they are in action:

    1. Looks like it works, right?
      Thanks for saying so! This time there weren't any people but in the past some curious swimmers have asked me about what we were doing haha.
      Yes, yes I know about them! They're awesome! have you heard "The Virgin Queen" soundrack by them? I'm in love with that soundtrack :)

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  4. I can only send replies in Internet Explorer - I can't get it to work in Firefox for some reason :(

    I'm sure the curious swimmers were impressed by your dedication and bravery even if they couldn't quite grasp the point of it all!

    I do have most of the Baebes' CDs, but I actually haven't heard the Virgin Queen soundtrack so I'll have to check it out. One of the links above is for a song from their "Live at Gloucester Cathedral" DVD. I was there on the night they filmed that. You have to try to see them live somehow, some time as I'm sure you'd enjoy every second of it!

    Wasn't Downton Abbey sad last night with Sybil dying? I hadn't envisaged that and try to steer clear of spoilers for programmes that I watch. I wish something would happen to get Bates out of that awful prison too!

    I've seen the Seamstress of Rohan's photos from your joint trip (or should that be dip?!) on Saturday. I've posted on her Flickr page, but it's a message for you as well really. All these pictures appearing in lots of different places is confusing for my little brain, but I'm doing my best to keep up! :D

    1. As I told you, you can message me through whatever web page you want, really! I'm usually online once a day so I can check this or Flickr. I check Flickr more though!
      That concert sounds truly amazing (music and setting of course)! I hope I can attend one when I move to England next year! You're so lucky :D
      I saw the message on her page, you're too kind ^^ She's indeed my friend in crime and we hope we can get to do more stuff as "crazy" or more as last weekend's shoot!
      I shall watch a bit more of Merlin then :)

    2. Just in case you misread it, I actually said that you and SoR are partners in brine - a little play on words!! :D There's nothing remotely criminal in what you both do, in any sense of the word - not as far as I can tell from the photos I've seen so far anyway! haha

    3. Yes, yes, great pun ;)I think we haven't done anything illegal so far! :P

  5. I forgot to mention above - are you able to watch Merlin there (a BBC1 show on Saturdays)? If so, I'm sure you'll like the costumes in that, although I don't know how accurately authentic they are! Having said that, as Merlin didn't actually exist, then anything will do really!! :D