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15 Sep 2012

Pre-Raphaelite Avant-garde.

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been busy this past week. Apparently, my boyfriend knew how much I wanted to go to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition so he booked the flight tickets for us. I went to the Tate Britain yesterday and it was amazing. Pictures weren't allowed but I bought the exhibition book so I can share with you some pics.

The exhibition is divided in these sections:

I liked this distribution; of course some works could've been in other rooms too but they highlighted some aspects of the work so it could fit. I particularly loved the first, second and seventh rooms.

When you first go in, you see these beauties. I was so shocked because one is so used to see their faces and then you're there, seeing them live knowing they practically painted each other. I must say I loved the Lizzie drawing. How many times have I stared to that young gorgeous Rossetti? Sigh. There where also some paintings that were considered from influential movements for the Pre-Raphaelites, some Ford Madox Brown etc. time for that when I'm back at home.

Loved to see these "Paolos and Francescas" both in painting and sculpture form. The second  room had some Lizzie works that were worth staring to for hours.

Delighted to see they included furniture. This is from the Beauty room, I think.

The Morris family bed was astonishing, here in its original setting. Loved to contemplate every single stitch of it. In the exhibition, the bed is in the Paradise room.

This was huuuuuge and splendid, from the last room. I'm so sorry for this shabby pics, I could've looked for them on the internet and posted them with better quality but I wanted to take them from MY book haha. I'll be posting about the exhibition in more detail back at home, as said before.

Ugh, and the shop, oh my goodness! Spent a fortune there, I wanted everything. Make sure you take money with you! Have a nice weekend and go to the exhibition!


  1. Qué envidia! Me encantaría ver la exposición :)

    1. Es una pasada! Tienes que ir, está hasta enero! ^^

  2. Gracias, Lizzie. Qué maravilla. Has debido disfrutar un montón.

    1. Me hubiera encantado poder hacer fotos :/ Pero bueno, el libro y la tienda de la exposición están muy bien ^^