Making Dante's Dream come true.

26 Nov 2012

Guggums at last!

Gosh, I am so sorry I haven't updated in so many days but it wasn't because of camera won't accept the SD card so it cannot store any pics. I'm waiting till it's repaired... Meanwhile, see the Instagram button at the right part of the page? Yeah, you can follow me there or just have a look to check quick updates. I still can take pics with the pone! Phew!

Moving on, yeah, the Lizzie Siddal v.1 dress (there will be another dress) is finished and my boyfriend brought his camera to take some pics! *happy dancing*

All the pics are uploaded on DeviantArt and Flickr with links to the original drawings we got the inspiration from. We did our best and I tried to edit them to make them look more like drawings. We had a great time!

I took the artistic licence to add young Gabriel in a necklace and a laudanum-reminiscent bottle. What do you think? :) Check the rest of the pics if you're interested, it's just my little homage to this great woman!

See you soon, hope I've finished the Victorian dresses next time! 


  1. Qué fotos tan espléndidas Lizzie. La del medallón con el retrato es preciosa.

  2. Pues a mí me "has matado" con la botellita de laudano,jejeje. Preciosas, como siempre.

    1. Jajajaj :D Gracias por pasarte a comentar, un beso! ^^