Making Dante's Dream come true.

12 Nov 2012

Stuff gets done!

Well, sorry again for the incredibly horrible pic... I just don't have any other place to take them! But leaving that aside, I'm very proud of the dress! It just needs some buttons and that will be it. I've attached a laced collar too, which I did after taking the picture so... You'll see it when proper pics are shot.


Now that I know how to cartridge pleat I'm going to make my life difficult and knife pleat. It's actually easier than cartridge pleating  (for me) but I wanted to change a bit, this will be my third 1850s dress so, yeah. Variety!

The bodice will have a more opened neck line (compared to the black one), showing a chemisette I'm still tacking. This just feels very "Christmas time" and "Dickens themed", I don't really know why. I just know I'm making a nice capelet to wear in the snow :D


  1. Me gusta mucho como te está quedando el traje negro de Lizzie.
    Yo también quiero hacer algo parecido a lo de tu tela azul tartán. Tengo una verde que en cuanto la vi pensé en una crinolina de paseo. Pero lo de los pliegues de delante parece complicado, ¿no?
    Espero que pongas más fotos de los avances ;)

    1. Muchas gracias :D Es que los cuadros son super monos, a mí me encantan :P Qué pliegues? De la falda dices? No te creas, a mí me cuestan más los "cartridge" que éstos XD