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25 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas!

We shot some pics with the ball gowns on Friday but with all the Christmas dinners and family gatherings I haven't been able to post about it. 

You'll notice it all looks very spring-themed and stuff, that is because we're in Majorca and the mean temperature is 10-15 Cº in December.

These are our dresses; mine, as you know, it's the Milka chocolate brand colour, and The Seamstress of Rohan's dress is absolutely marvellous in light pink.

We made this lovely swing and I added bows to my skirt, as in the original dress I got inspired from and some lace in the neckline with another pleated trim and a small bouquet of flowers. I also changed the sleeves.

All pics are by Roberto Llull, and you can find some more in my Flickr and DeviantArt galleries and also at the Anacrónicos Recreación Histórica Facebook page.

There are some more pics to post yet, they're inspired by the Cottingley Fairies pics, but this will be in a Victorian setting. We're very excited to see them!

Merry Christmas to you all and now, on to finish the tartan 1860s dress!


  1. Oh, so lovely pics.

    Merry Christmas, Lizzie.

  2. Estáis guapísimas! y los vestidos son más que preciosos!


  3. ¡Pero qué bonitas! ¿de qué cuento os habeis escapado? ^_^

    1. Jiji, muchas gracias. Pues creo que nos escapamos de la realidad presente... para ir a un cuento! :D

  4. Milka chocolate! I haven't thought about that in some time! It was my favourite as a kid! And I love that shade of purple, maybe that is why I liked the chocolate so much! I am dying for these dresses!

    1. Yeah, mine too, it brings all the childhood memories to my mind :) I love purple and blue and this colour is like a mixture of both so yay haha Thanks for taking a look to my blog and dropping a message, really appreciated :*