Making Dante's Dream come true.

1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!

So this is my first post of 2013 and I just want to wish you the best to you all and tell you I've started with hard work and very willing to complete projects. I've just put together my 1860s tartan gown: 

Sorry again for the bad quality but my camera is being repaired at the moment (yay, at last!) and I hope I get it in a few days. This gown's bodice is going to have a more opened neckline, as I mentioned in previous posts, and it's going to show a chemise. I'm also making a black wool pellerine/small cloak (pics to come).

I hope I'm posting a bit more about my progress these days since I'm still on holidays from uni :) Have a great year!


  1. Oh my, can't believe I stumbled upon this blog. It's just so weird - all of my favorite things in the world: pre-raphaelites, 19th century dresses, especially regency, 1850-1860s and Edwardian ones, weird nature fantasy, all together in one place. So happy! <3

    1. So happy you enjoy the blog! Yours is brilliant! Love that black crinoline, impressive landscape too ^^