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9 Oct 2011

Reenacting Alma-Tadema and Godward.

Hi! So here's my first post about reenacting. Well, my very first time shoting Pre-Raphaelite paintings was that J. W. Waterhouse's mermaid (I will talk about that in other posts, I believe) but this weekend I went to an awesome manor and shoot my pics. There was an extremely beautiful garden with lots of ponds and fountains. It had lots of greek ornaments too, a very classical place. So it was the perfect place to shot Alma-Tadema and Godward inspired paintings. If you want to check by which pictures I was inspired just click this links:

The first thing I did was copying the tunic from a painting. Here it is the one I chose (a Godward painting):

And this is my version:

I hope you like it (there are some more pics in my Flickr gallery and in my DeviantArt gallery). Then I tried to copy the way they used that ribbons to keep the tunics in place, I think it was a kind of bra. And finally, I took my sandals and placed some more ribbons in my head and went for it. I tried to contact the people in charge that manor to ask them if I could shot there in a tunic, but no one answered my e-mail and the girl in the phone service didn't know what to tell me. So I went there in normal clothes and then changed in a hidden part of the garden. No one reprimanded me as there wasn't anyone looking after the place. I'm very happy I had good luck because I worked in that tunic and I was very excited to shot this pictures.

That's all folks! (for today). Maybe I'll do a tutorial one of these days to come on how to place the bra-ribbons and how to do a simple tunic. Thanks for reading! ^^

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