Making Dante's Dream come true.

17 May 2012

Are you "Brave"?

Or "How to make the cheapest quiver ever" tutorial.

As most of you may suspect, I'm working on a cosplay of the new Pixar's film princess Merida. Since I saw the teaser trailer a year ago I've been interested in the film, because of the plot, the Scottish setting (everyone knows I'm in love with Scotland, perhaps too much) and the gorgeous Pre-Raphaelite-like princess.

So if I'm to wear a bow, I should store my arrows in a belt quiver as she does in the film.

I'll show you how I did mine, as cheaply as possible because I can't afford to buy a good leather quiver. Here you have the materials I used:

- A meter of faux leather.
- A string of faux leather. (This one is tougher than the actual fabric, but you can cut off the string out of the fabric too).
- A belt mechanism to unite the two parts of the belt. (Easily found in any costume jewellery shop).
- A piece of brown card.
- A plastic bottle.
- Scissors, fabric glue and thread.

Step 1. Cut the bottle:

Step 2. Wrap it with the glued card:

Step 3. Make a circle to cover the bottom part. (I also covered the interior part with card, just to hide the plastic bottle from sight).

Step 4. Wrap it with the faux leather and sew both ends together: (I love the coarse look it gets with this detail).

Step 5. Do the same with the bottom circle:

Step 6. Sew a handle to make the belt go through it:

Step 7. Glue both ends of the string you will use as the belt to the belt mechanism:

And done!
Sorry for the quality in this last one but it was worse with the flash light, this is my bathroom mirror haha.


  1. Gracias por el tuto. Qué ganas de ver la peli. Desde que vi el trailer también me enamoré del look de la protagonista ;)

  2. Bueno, es el primero que hago y es un poco caca pero para alguien que no quiere gastar mucho en esto es medianamente útil! Jiji, pues he leído que han retrasado el estreno a agosto (antes era junio) :( con las ganas que tengo!