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25 May 2012

The importance of being pattern-est.

Right, this looks like a Regency-ish dress. However: cheap fabric and low waist. Last year I started to make costumes regularly. This was my first attempt at an historical one (everyone goes for Regency to start because it's the easiest thing!). But not for me.

I don't have internet access where I stay in summer. But the excitement of making the dress made me try to do it without looking at a single pattern. "It's the simplest bodice ever, what could possibly go wrong?" I thought. I somehow drew the pattern out of a t-shirt with a similar high waist. But that t is elastic. FAIL!

I had to lower the waist to make my bust fit in the bodice. So this has a pretty evident conclusion: checking out some historical patterns is highly advisable and in case one is making his/her own pattern one should take into account the fabric used. Novice seamstress problems...

I love the bodice's back, anyway. If only the waist was higher...

I started a new Regency dress like a month ago. It's blue, again. I chose to use an old curtain just to save in fabrics (I'm a student, I can't spend as much money as I'd like to in this hobby of mine). The fabric is so heavy and slippery it's almost impossible to sew. FAIL!

This time I had proper patterns, my seamstress friends made them for me. The problem is that I wanted one of those huge trains up in the back and the heavy fabric makes the neck go up (because it's heavy at the back). Also, I have problems fitting my bust. Because of this, the bust part kind of puffs.

The dress per se is quite beautiful, actually. What's my solution, then? I made some pleats under the bust to "gather" the fabric and remove the puff, and then hid it with satin ribbon. I think it might work.

I love the back in this one too, so lovely, if I may say so. You can see the train I was talking about previously.

The sleeves are puffed at the top and normal long and tight sleeves at the bottom. I love them too, I could made them thanks to my seamstress friends!

If it continues to puff so much I'll just end up wearing the Spencer jacket that holds the waist at its place. A pity, because I love the sleeves and the back, but...sigh...

I'll tell you more once its finished! If someone has some advice I'll be glad to hear you, thanks!

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