Making Dante's Dream come true.

21 May 2012

Medieval fair.

Just a quick post to tell you about a Medieval fair I visited yesterday. A friend of mine who is really good at sewing (she's actually a trained seamstress, not like me!) dressed up with her medieval surcote and I wore my medieval/Pre-Raphaelite inspired costume.

I'm absolutely in love with this dress! The silver cords are gorgeous and the contrast between the red surcote and the green underdress is stunning.

And this is mine, actually my first dress, not historical but I'm very fond of it! My intention was to create a Pre-Raphaelite look, with the long sleeves etc.

We had lots of fun. Our boyfriends followed us with their cameras, but after a while they started to talk to each other and were tired of being un-payed photographers haha. Actually, other visitors took more pics of us than our boyfriends! There were a lot of German tourists (that's normal here in Mallorca) that asked to take pics of us. Also, I heard tons of girls saying "Look mum, that's a princess!" or "Mum, there's a fairy there!" I could work as a Disney character in Disneyland now! Girls stopped crying when we smiled at them!

My boyfriend and one of his favourite things: weapons! There were magnificent stalls in the fair, great food and drinks, dragon and fairy figures, all sorts of weapons and even fabrics and decorations for gowns. I got some interesting things that I'll eventually use! The fair was half set up in a castle which made it even cooler.

There were animals too! Some lovely owls with funny faces, crows and eagles.

And maybe it's just the light here but the pic reminds me a lot of Dicksee's La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

Well, that's all for today. I'm on my finals during these following weeks so I'm afraid I wont post a lot until June. Regards! 

P.S. There are more pics in DeviantArt and Flickr!


  1. Guauuu, preciosas las dos y los trajes son maravillosos. Estoy segura de que llamasteis la atención.
    Mucha suerte en los finales;)

  2. Muchas gracias! Mucha gente vestida no había, pero nos lo pasamos genial! ^^