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8 Oct 2012

One year old and updates!

Oh my Lord! Time goes by so fast! It's been a year since I wrote my first word here. I've learnt a lot and done a lot and yet there's so much to do. I love making costumes and I wish I'm learning more and more in the next year. I also want to explore more dresses from Pre-Raphaelite paintings than I did last year and what not, I want to do so many things! Also, thanks a lot to the readers and visitors who take the time to come regularly! ;)

In other news, there's a ball in November so I hope everything works for me and my boyfriend to go. Yay, I convinced him! I'm so happy he's coming, maybe I will make him a proper re-enactor with this experience.

I was putting that ruffle in place when he just came with my new corset, that's why it's unfinished. As I don't have the time to make it myself I preferred to buy it so I can dance comfortably :)

And this is some pleated fabric that eventually will be my crinoline skirt. Oops sorry,  forgot to mention it's a 1850-60s ball.

This is the dress that inspired me, but I'm not doing that black parts of the skirt. I will decorate it, but differently.
As for my boyfriend, he will dress up in a military uniform but I prefer to tell you more about that in another post when I have more info. Also, this will be my first man's outfit and also uniform so...*excited dance*!

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