Making Dante's Dream come true.

19 Oct 2012

Working and working...

So I've started classes at uni which means I can't work that much as in summer, but well... I do as much as I can!

First of all, I made an extra bodice for the Elizabethan dress, with the upholstery fabric I used for the petticoat and sleeves. Here's an awesome pic Roberto Llull took last weekend when we met for a quick photo shoot:

The bodice is beaded with pearls at the vertexes of each rhombus shape, forming a triangle of pearls; although you can't see it in this pic. I used the same golden trim for the bodice and skirt (on the skirt it's also pearl beaded). I added these shoulder pads so fashionable at the era, which also have pearl beaded golden trim. I like the result in this bodice better than the other one because this fabric is heavier and causes a great effect.

This is just an horrible "in process" pic so you can see the bodice properly.

Now, moving on, I'm working on the Lizzie Siddal dresses, but I don't have any pics yet. Although I can show you the bodice for the 1850s ball gown:

I made this just to have a fitting, actually it's the interlining fabric, but I think it looks fine at the moment. I have to add boning etc. Hope I can work a bit more this weekend! :)


  1. La foto en la playa es impresionante, aunque ya te lo comenté creo por flickr.

    El cuerpo de la crinolina te está quedando precioso; me encanta la forma y el color y te queda como un guante. ¿Sigues algún patrón en concreto o lo ideas tú? Espero ver más avances y a ver si sale adelante lo del baile y puedes venir ;)

  2. Muchas gracias! ^^
    A ver si cuando junto las tres capas sigue quedando así de bien xD porque luego siempre la lío. Es un patrón de internet, haciéndolo yo no me quedaría así ni en años XD A ver si hay baile al final *_*