Making Dante's Dream come true.

27 Oct 2012

Pleased with pleats.

This is how the skirt from the Lizzie Siddal dress looks so far. I'm very pleased with the result: that's 6,5 metres of pleated fabric . I think I'll wear a petticoat (there's no petticoat in this pic), but obviously no hoops. I'll wear a corset cause I'm not as thin as Lizzie... :P

I'm also making a green one, but I want the black one finished first!


  1. Ohhh, te vas a hacer al final el vestido de Lizzie Siddal? Qué currazo con los pliegues y qué paciencia.

    1. Digamos que estoy en ello... :P Mi casa está llena de faldas y enaguas para crinolina xD ^^