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3 Oct 2012

Perfume dress.

No, the dress smells as my other dresses haha, I'm talking about the Laure Richis outfit. I'm generally very satisfied with it, never done an 18th century jacket before. The stomacher was a bit difficult, wasn't too sure about how tight it had to be so it ended up a bit baggier than it should. But well, everything can be made smaller! Let me share some of the pics we took that day.

As you can see the jacket doesn't fit perfectly but the overall result is good enough (for me at least, I'm still learning!) Aaaand also Pomps!

I love this one! Very "Perfume" reminiscent, as when they're playing hide and seek in the maze. My friend copied her golden dress from a Madame de Pompadour painting, you can see more pics of it in her gallery

I tried! :)

This is Lady Diana's amazing robe a la française worn a la polonaise. Hers is an original design I think.

Not as beautiful as Rachel Hurd-Wood but I had lots of fun. You can find some more pics in my DeviantArt and Flickr galleries. I'll be soon sharing some new stuff about my first crinoline project! :D

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